Lonesome Tattoo


Taking care of your tattoo in the first two weeks is crucial to healing and longevity. Here’s a breakdown of what to do to make sure it stays as beautiful as the day you got it!


When removing bandaging, either second-skin or a traditional bandage, it’s important to handle with freshly washed hands.

Traditional bandaging should only stay on for up to 4 hours. Bandages can create a breeding ground for bacteria if left on too long.

Second-skin can be left on for up to five days. It can be removed any time before, depending on your preference. A pool of plasma, blood, and ink will form underneath it — this is normal! If the blood or plasma begins to leak, remove immediately as the barrier of the bandage has been breached. Wash your tattoo before applying more second-skin or continuing the healing process without it.

If you begin to notice redness around the edge of your second-skin bandage, remove immediately and wash thoroughly as directed above.


Moisturize if the tattoo becomes dry and cracked or itchy. Petroleum products are quick to smother, so use sparingly (a thinner layer than you think). Any gentle, unscented moisturizer is preferred, but use a very thin layer to allow the area to breathe. Moisturize any time you feel tightness or discomfort in order to avoid scabbing which can lead to fallout.

Never scratch your tattoo. If you’re feeling desperate — gently rub a flat, clean hand across it to stimulate blood circulation, which helps ease the itching.


Sun exposure causes tattoos to fade and blur, thickening lines over time. Applying generous amount of sunscreen when in direct sunlight is critical for the longevity of your designs. Moisturizing and staying hydrated also contribute to keeping skin healthy and young, which keeps your tattoos beautiful for longer.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me!